Summer Scrap Camp 2019 by Noreen Smith
Enrollment is closed

Summer Scrap Camp 2019

This 10-week online "camp" will have you exploring scrapbooking in fun and fresh ways. Join other campers in the Facebook Group and earn camp badges and the chance to win great prizes each week!
Enrollment is closed
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Welcome to Summer Scrap Camp 2019!
Prep Week - June 21st
June 21st Welcome Video.mp4
5 mins
Summer Scrap Camp 2019 - Camp Handbook.pdf
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Camp Facebook Group Link
Challenge 1
Summer Scrap Camp Challenge 1 Handout.pdf
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Summer Scrap Camp Challenge 1 Video.mp4
12 mins
Challenge 2
Summer Scrap Camp Challenge 2 Handout.pdf
4.4 MB
Summer Scrap Camp Challenge 2 Video.mp4
16 mins
Challenge 3
Summer Scrap Camp Challenge 3 Handout.pdf
3.69 MB
Curated Pinterest Board for Challenge 3 "Explorer" Layouts
Summer Scrap Camp Challenge 3 Video.mp4
11 mins
Challenge 4
Summer Scrap Camp Challenge 4 Handout.pdf
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Challenge 4 Additional Resources
Summer Scrap Camp Challenge 4 Video.mp4
18 mins
Challenge 5
Summer Scrap Camp Challenge 5 Handout.pdf
2.65 MB
Additional Mini-Album Resource
Summer Scrap Camp Challenge 5 Video.mp4
19 mins
Challenge 6
Summer Scrap Camp Challenge 6 Handout.pdf
5.13 MB
Mixed Media Techniques.mp4
18 mins
Free Coloring Cards
Challenge 7
Summer Scrap Camp Challenge 7 Handout.pdf
2.74 MB
Challenge 8
Summer Scrap Camp Challenge 8 Handout.pdf
3.5 MB
Summer Scrap Camp Challenge 8 Video.mp4
15 mins
Challenge 9
Summer Scrap Camp Challenge 9 Handout.pdf
3.02 MB
Summer Scrap Camp Challenge 9 Video.mp4
15 mins
Additional Resources
Challenge 10
Summer Scrap Camp Challenge 10 Handout.pdf
2.9 MB
Curated Pinterest Board for Challenge 10 "Collector" Layouts
Summer Scrap Camp Challenge 10 Video.mp4
15 mins
Summer Scrap Camp Student Evaluation (Survey)

Questions you may have...

What do I get for $19.00?

I am always appreciative that you feel my ideas, lessons and publications are  worth spending your hard earned money on and I strive to give you the most value as possible.

This 10 week course includes a 10 new scrapbooking challenges (one posted every week from June 28th to August 30), which equals just $1.90 per challenge! 

You'll also get to join lots of other like-minded campers in our private Facebook Group, earn camp "badges" and chances to win weekly prizes!

Most of all, you'll get the chance to let loose, have fun and try new things in a safe environment, all from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace!

You live in Canada. Is this course open to residents of other countries?

Yes! That's the beauty of online can do it from anywhere you have an internet connection!

And, when you are paying the course fee of $19.00 CA, the payment platform will automatically convert and allow you to pay in your local currency.

What if I'm away on vacation and don't get a chance to complete one of the challenges?

No worries! You can complete the challenges at any time, and you'll have ongoing access to the course after it officially ends on August 30th. 

The only deadlines of any note are uploading a photo of your finished projects by the following Thursday night  in order to have a chance at winning the weekly prize!

Will I need special supplies, materials or tools? Do I need to use Creative Memories products?

Not at all! You WILL need basic scrapbooking/papercrafting tools (paper cutter, adhesive etc.) and supplies (patterned paper, cardstock, embellishments), but you get to choose what tools and supplies will work best for you.

Some technique challenges may use a type of product that you do not have - such as paint. I'll always give you suggestions as to what alternatives you can use and work-arounds if you don't want to use that product.

Most of my sample projects will feature Creative Memories products, but you can use any brand/theme you like. In fact this course is a great opportunity to use up some of your stash!

I am a Creative Memories Advisor...can I share ideas and content from this course with my customers?

No. This paid content is designed for personal use only.

You may share your own finished layouts and projects from the lessons with your customers to show them what you created, but you may not distribute the lessons themselves in print or electronic form. 

If you are looking for projects to use with your Creative Memories Customers, check out my free monthly sketches and the many Layout Guides designed to support CM Advisors that are available in the Organized and Creative Mom Shop! (